How To Use Coupons & Save At CVS!

How to Use Coupons & Save at CVS

You’ll be happy to hear that you can save a ton of money at CVS by just signing up for a CVS card, which is their whols savings program! I’ll also be telling you many tips and trick to maximize your savings even more. First you’ll want to make yourself familiar with the CVS coupon policy. Keep in mind that although this is the general policy for CVS, it can vary by store and the number one thing you should remember from that policy is:
• We have the right to refuse or limit the use of any coupon and/or the subsequent return for any reason and at the discretion of CVS Pharmacy management.

You’ll also want to take note that:

  • CVS does not price match competitors prices
  • CVS ads run Sunday through Saturday, however recently we have seen test markets with 2-week sales ads. 
  • If your store participates in “early activation”, you may have the opportunity to receive the next weeks sale prices or promos after a designated time on the Saturday before. You’ll have to inquire with your store if they participate in early acitvation. Keep in mind that whatever sale price is the better of each week is what will be activated. ExtraBucks are NOT taken into consideration! 
  • EXAMPLE…if Tide detergent is on sale for $5.34 for the week of 1/1-1/7 and earn $10.00 ExtraBucks when you spend $30.00, and on sale for $4.34 for the week of 1/8-1/15 with no ExtraBucks, the sale price of $4.34 will be your price during early activation as that is the better sale price.
  • Each CV store can be limited with inventory. If they’re out of a product you’re intending to purchase you may ask for a rain check. Although rain checks never expire, each store may vary if they will offer any ExtraBucks with a rain check.

First things first…CVS ExtraCare

CVS savings and loyalty program is called ExtraCare. Be sure to go online or sign up in store for your ExtraCare account. After you’ve received your account in store, you’ll want to go online to register your account (if you sign up online you can print a temporary card until you receive your permanent card in the mail). Be sure that you write down or remember the information you’re using to register your account! This is what you’ll refer to if you happen to lose your card. 

  • Make sure you’re signed up to receive CVS emails to an account you check regularly. You may receive money saving coupon sent right to your email to use in store. You’ll have the option to print them from home (these will NOT print in store), or send them to your account. Keep in mind that once you send any coupon to your account you will NOT be able to print it!
  • You’ll also be eligibale for Quarterly ExtraBucks





Quarterly ExtraBucks earn you 2% cash back on your OOP (out of pocket) spending in the form of ECB’s (Extra Bucks). This amount is based on spending AFTER any coupons or ECB’s used.

  • $0 to $49.99 purchase – 0 ECBs
  • $50.00 to $99.99 purchase – $1.00 in ECBs
  • It will then be reached by every $50.00 above $100.00 in $1.00 increments

Quarterly ExtraBucks Schedule

  • January 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from September 15 – December 14.
  • April 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from December 15 – March 14.
  • July 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from March 15 – June 14.
  • October 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from June 15 – September 14.


Redeeming ExtraBucks
You’ll want to remember that you will NOT receive any portion of your ECB’s that you don’t use, so try to not redeem more ECB’s than you’ll need for your purchase. If your total is $4.52 and you hand them a $5.00 ECB, you’re losing $0.48. Even if you just pick up a small piece of candy, you’re still getting moree for your money (which is why you’re all reading this!).
You can also use your ECB’s earned immediately! There is no time period required to wait.

Another great perk of having a CVS ExtraCare account is being a member of the Beauty Club! You can sign up for the Beauty Club with your ExtraCare account here. When your first enroll in the Beauty Club you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off your beauty purchases. Note: this coupon does exclude sale prices (which we’ll talk about more as you keep reading).
What perks does the Beauty Club offer?

  • You’ll receive $5.00 ECB’s (or 10% of your beauty purchases) for every $50.00 spend on any items coded as “beauty”. These include regular, sale and clearance price items.
  • Items that qualify as “beauty” are: cosmetics, fragrances, hair accessories, hair appliances, hair care, hair color and skin care products.
  • If you give your birthday information when you registered your card, you’ll also receive $3.00 ECB’s on your birthday. Note: many people have stated that this may in fact be a perk only the first year.
  • Beauty Club tracking will resert on January 1 of each year.


Personalized Coupons/CRT’s (Cash Regsiter Tapes)

One of the best (and most popular) perks of having an ExtraCare account is receiving persoalized coupons/CRT’s! These are specialized coupons that will be sent directly to your account. Many of these coupons will be based on previous purchases, although you may see one from time to time to try a new product. As an example, you may get a $4.00 off $14.00 body wash purchase after you’ve purchased body wash. How can you get these coupons?

  • Scan your card (or enter the phone number associated with your account) at the coupon center (red kiosk box) in store
  • Sign into your account online at home and print them
  • Send them directly to your card through the CVS app

How to redeem your personalized coupons:
You’ll be happy to hear that your CVS personalized coupons can be stack with manufacturer coupons you have, whether insert coupons or printed coupons.

Other things to know about personalized coupon/CRT’s:

  • Per CVS policy you may not use these after the expiration date, so be sure to keep track of when each expire.
  • These coupons are attached to your account and cannot transferred to anyone else (including any email coupons you receive). 
  • A dollar amount coupon ($5/$15 or $3.00 off) CAN be applied to sale price items. Percentage coupons (25% off deodorant, etc.) CANNOT be applied to any sale price items.
  • You CAN use a percentage CRT on regular price items that offer ECB’s! If Maybelline cosmetics are Buy 2 Get $5.00, you CAN use a 25% off coupon on the items you purchase.
  • Some CRT’s CAN be combined/stacked – If you receive a coupon for $3.00 off $15.00 cosmetics, you can use your 25% off and $3/$15 and still earn ECB’s on Maybelline.
  • If combining CRT’s as mentioned above, keep in mind that a dollar ($$/$$) threshold coupon will always apply before a percentage coupon.
  • You will need to spend the stated required amount to redeem your CRT – you cannot use a $3/$15 hair care purchase on a purchase of only $14.99


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