Rebate Apps

Rebate apps are a great way to earn money on the same products that you saved money on in the store! There area many rebate apps available, however I’ll talk about my favorites and which apps have actually earned me money without any hassle.


Ibotta Ibotta offers rebates on a large number of every day items through many popular stores. You’ll even see rebates for purchasing products in general, like milk or specific produce. Just create an account then download the app to your phone.


Get a $10 bonus now! Signup with Ibotta here to take advantage of my $10 offer when you redeem your first rebate!




SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

 The rebates on SavingStar are downright amazing, and very reasonable! The catch is that when a rebate becomes available you must clip it quick! There are a limited number of each one available, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. SavingStar also let’s you sync your loyalty card program at select stores so that you don’t even have to worry about submitting your receipt! Just simply purchase the qualifying items for a particular offer and within a couple days you’ll see the credit to your account! Click here to sign up

Find & Save

Find & Save rebates change often, but let you shop a variety of stores. Most times you don’t even have to purchase any specific items. The rebate may offer a percentage amount of your subtotal when you spend “x” amount. Because many offers may only be valid for a few days, you may want to check the app more often to see what’s available. Sign up here and use referral code HTRK


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this app…and wish I had started using it sooner! If you shop online (even if it’s not much), you want to have an Ebates account! Rebate amounts (normally a certain percent) differ for each site you shop, but even a small amount can add up. What I love about this is that I can shop online at say Kohl’s, do a store pickup, pick my order up in an hour or so and still earn a rebate on it…isn’t that great? Keep in mind that you may not see the rebate immediately (however there’s been times that I have), but you can easily look at and keep track of all your shopping trips right in the app. Sign up for Ebates here and check it out!


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